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Nathan Helm


Helm Orthodontics
4809 Argonne St., Suite 240
Denver, CO 80249


When you meet Dr. Helm, you will quickly notice that he cares about his patients and wants the best possible results for every one of them. Patients love him because he is a perfectionist at heart, and that means their smile will be perfect too. Parents love him because he is honest and takes a conservative approach to orthodontic treatment, recommending only treatment that is necessary and in the best interest of their child. He has a great passion for his work and enjoys being a part of the life-changing results that occur with his patients. Dr. Helm is the only private-practice, board certified orthodontist practicing in Green Valley Ranch and surrounding communities. His treatment processes leverage the latest digital technology, making the treatment as easy as possible for patients and time spent in treatment as efficient as possible. The goal of Dr. Helm and his team is to provide patients service that exceeds their expectations, build a relationship with patients and their family, and educate patients so they understand the process and have a say in their plan.

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