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David G. Maxted


Maxted Law
1543 Champa St., Suite 400
Denver, CO 80202

Areas of Practice

Denver civil rights and criminal lawyer David Maxted is an accomplished trial and appellate attorney with fifteen years of experience. Dave’s work focuses on high-stakes civil rights lawsuits challenging police violence, wrongful death, and civil rights violations occurring in prisons and jails. Dave’s firm also handles class actions challenging systemic injustice within the criminal system. In over 35 trials and numerous appeals, Dave has won at every level, from state court trials, to federal court, to the Tenth Circuit, to the Colorado Supreme Court. Dave cut his teeth as a trial lawyer at the Public Defender Service for D.C., nationally recognized as one of the nation’s premier trial litigation training grounds, where he was also a supervising attorney. Originally from Durango, he handles cases throughout Colorado and is active in efforts to transform the criminal legal system.

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