The Logan School for Creative Learning


1005 Yosemite St.
Denver, CO 80230



At Logan, students develop their own individualized units of study, allowing personal passion and interest to drive the development of academic skills and deep critical thinking. Students engage in the wide world around them through hands-on and experiential learning which ensures that their learning experience mirrors the infinite nature of their curiosity.

Logan Stories:

“Logan has taught me how to be independent and create my own ideas and opportunities to learn. I love the fact that I can control how I do my work, and throughout my time at Logan that has helped me develop a good work ethic. Logan has inspired me to work harder and try my best. The skills and ethics that I have developed throughout my time at Logan have taught me how to be a good scholar, friend, and person.” – Logan Student

“The main thing Logan has taught me…is that everything is more beautiful when I stop searching for imperfections.” Alumni, Class of 2018

“When children are encouraged to pursue answers to their own questions, their level of engagement in the work they’re doing goes through the roof! I feel lucky to work at a school where each student is valued as a unique individual and where I have the freedom to teach children skills based on their own needs at the time, not according to what a textbook tells me they ‘should’ be learning.” – Logan Teacher

Our mission is to cultivate the curiosities of gifted students.